Technology Objectives for First Grade:
  • Students will learn how to use the mouse and special keys on the keyboard
  • Students will learn different parts of the computer
  • Students will learn how to open and save documents
  • Students will learn how to capitalize words and use ending punctuation
  • Students will practice typing and word processing skills throughout the year
  • Students will learn how to use computer drawing tools
  • Students will learn about uses of technology at home and in school
  • Students will use technology to gather, organize and present data and information
  • Students will use the computer to reinforce reading and math skills

To Access Resources: (Click the picture to go to the website)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Tech Lab Rules/Regulations and Basic Parts of the Computer
Resources: Smartboard files Technology - Internet Safety - Acceptable Use & Technology - Parts of the Computer
Discovery Education Video "Magic School Bus Gets Programmed"

Lesson 2: Mouse Practice
Resources: (Click on the picture to go to the website)
Computer Mouse Song
computer_mouse[1].JPG external image squrirel.jpg
Bees and Honey Game Tidy the Classroom Activity
Bees_and_Honey[1].JPG Tidy_the_Classroom[1].JPG

Lesson 3: Students will learn how to use the tools in Microsoft Paint. After practicing with the tools, students will create a self-portrait in Paint and print it in color.

Special Lesson 4 for Stand Up to Bullies Week: Students will be taking a short online survey on bulllying, see link "Stand Up to Bullies Week". Then they will be watching a short video from Discovery Education called "Balltown: Bullying & Teasing: Part 1 & 2. Finally they will use the SmartBoard to complete an interactive game called "Bully Roundup" where they will attempt to answer questions about bullying and will move around the board based on their correct responses.

Lesson 5: Students will be introduced to Raz Kids. They will practice going to the Internet, then to Raz Kids and saving websites into their favorites to locate easily in the future. Students will practice logging into Raz Kids with their classroom login, then locating their names in the class list and finding their personal book list assigned by their classroom teacher. Students will then practice listening to and reading books from their list.

Special Lesson 6 for Inclusion Week: Students will learn how to navigate the Internet to reach the BrainPOP website. They will learn how to login and recognize the many features available with each movie offered on the BrainPOP website. We will view a BrainPOP movie about Helen Keller and discuss how she overcame the challenges in her life to become an activist for rights of women and people with disabilities. We will explore "Belly Up" and "Pop a Joke". We will then practice sequencing the events of Helen Keller's life. We will work together to complete the online quiz activities for this movie. If time allows, students will return to their seats and use the "Draw About It" feature to create a poster about Helen Keller.
BrainPOP Jr.

Lesson 7: Students will login, go to the Internet, then to and save this website to their favorites. Then they will be introduced to the "Spell A Picture" activity where they will create a picture. They will first choose a background for their picture. Then they can add objects to their picture by spelling the objects correctly.

Special Thanksgiving Lesson 8: Students will learn about the history of Thanksgiving on They will watch movie about Thanksgiving and then complete activities with what they have learned. After finishing the BrainPOP Jr. activities, students will assemble a Thanksgiving puzzle on the SMART Board by moving the puzzle pieces into the correct position. The puzzle can be found at .

Lesson 9: Students will learrn how go to and login using the BWE username and password on the orange cards on their computer monitors. SW learn how to search for a specific movie by either typing the name in the search box or clicking on the categories to search for a topic of their choosing. For the first lesson we will be using the movie on Magnets which can be found under Science, Forces, Magnets. As a class we will explore Pop A Joke and Belly Up comic strip to open the lesson. Next students will put on their headphones and go to the Word Wall and click on each of the 5 vocabulary words and their definitions to give them background knowledge for the movie. Next students will click play to listen to/ watch the movie about magnets. Students will then complete the Activity which is Drag & Drop where they will sort objects into magnetic/nonmagnetic. Finally if time allows students go to the Draw About It activity and answer the question "What objects do magnets attract?" by drawing pictures of their answers.

Lesson 10: Students will begin learning how to use Microsoft Word. They will learn how to open Word, how to type words, use the delete, backspace, click and drag features, and how to save and retrieve their documents. Students will practice by typing 3 sentences provided by the teacher. In future classes, they open this document and add more sentences.

Lesson 11: Students will be making a class project that will use both Microsoft Paint and Powerpoint. They will create a picture of an animal in Paint (using Ed Emberley's step-by-step easy animal drawing instructions), then make a Powerpoint slide where they will insert that picture, give it a color background, type their first name and a sentence about their animal. We will save these Powerpoint slides on the public drive so they can be combined into one class Powerpoint presentation which Mrs. Spangler will post on her Technology Website so students and parents can go to see them.

National Geographic for Kids Use this link for: Lions, Pigs, Tigers

Science Kids Use this link for: Dogs, Tigers, Frogs, Lions, Birds, Owls, Pigs

Switcheroo Zoo User this link for: Dogs, Roosters, Barn Owl, Blue Jay, Pig, Raccoon

Pest World for Kids Use this link for: Mice

Enchanted Learning Use this link for: Mice

Enchanted Learning Use this link for: Frogs

Enchanted Learning Use this link for: Raccoons Use this link for: Roosters

Lesson 12: Students will open their Microsoft Word document entitled "My Sentences" and add 2 more sentences to this document.

Lesson 13: Reduse, Reuse, Recycle!!! Students will begin a series of lessons about recycling in which they will learn the importance of recycling and the consequences of wasting our natural resources.

Week 1, students will work together at the SMART Board to learn about the Amazing Recycle Machine, then finish class at their individual computers by playing the Recycle Roundup from the National Geographic website.
The Amazing Recycle Machine

The Recycle Roundup

Week 2: Students will work together at the SMART Board to help Conservation Man clean up his neighbor I.M. Messy's house and teach him about recycling. They will also view a video from Discovery Education "Peep and the Big Wide World: SpringThing/ Springy Thing" to learn more about how to reduce waste.
Conservation Man

Week 3/4: Students will create a picture in Microsoft Paint about something that children their age can do to help teach others about recycling. Once the picture is complete, students will insert the picture into a Powerpoint presentation and type a Wordart title and caption with in important message about recycling.