Technology Objectives for Fourth Grade:
  • Students will learn about technological changes in North Carolina
  • Students will learn basic word processing skills
  • Students will use technology to gather, organize and present data and information (spreadsheets and databases)
  • Students will learn to use basic multimedia tools (audio and visual recording, online collaboration tools, etc.)
  • Students will implement a research process by collaborating effectively with other students
  • Students will understand issues related to safe, ethical and responsible use of information and technology resources
  • Students will learn about copyright, plagiarizing and netiquette when using internet resources
  • Students will understand internet safety precautions (personal information, passwords, etc.)
To Access Resources: (Click the links/pictures to go to the files/websites)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Tech Lab Rules/Regulations and Basic Parts of the Computer
Resources: Smartboard files Technology - Internet Safety - Acceptable Use & Technology - Parts of the Computer

Lesson 2: Students will use Microsoft Word to create a list of words about themselves or what they did over summer vacation, practicing copy/paste function.
Students will copy/paste words from that document into the program at Students can choose various font, layout and color styles to create
their Wordle word picture.

Lesson 3: Extension of Wordle Project done in collaboration with 4th grade teachers to integrate their social studies curriculum into technology class. Students will choose
one of three regions of NC they have studied in social studies and create a list of vocabulary words related to that region. Students will choose 8-10 of those words to create
a Wordle about their region. This Wordle will also be used in a collaborative art project on their region.

Lesson 4: Students will be using Microsoft Excel to create a vertical timeline. These lessons will be integrated with their current Social Studies unit on European Exploration of NC. Students will create a timeline using the information from their class notes. They will practice manipulating formating of cells, alignment and wrapping text, coloring/bordering cells, inserting clip art/pictures adn using a header in their spreadsheets. Click Making a Vertical Timeline with Microsoft Excel for step by step assignment instructions.

Special Lesson 5 for Stand Up to Bullies Week: Students will be taking a short online survey on bulllying, see link "Stand Up to Bullies Week". Then they will be watching a short video from Discovery Education called "Bully No More: Stopping the Abuse". Finally they will use the SmartBoard to complete an interactive game called "Bully Roundup" and "Beat the Bully" where they will attempt to answer questions about bullying and will move around the board based on their correct responses.

Special Lesson 6 for Inclusion Week: Students will learn how to navigate the Internet to reach the BrainPOP website. They will learn how to login and recognize the many features available with each movie offered on the BrainPOP website. We will view a BrainPOP movie about Helen Keller and discuss how she overcame the challenges in her life to become an activist for rights of women and people with disabilities. Students will then return to their computers to complete the movie activity to decode a quotation from Helen Keller written in Braille. Students will have to locate a website with the Braille alphabet to help them decode the quotation.

Lesson 7: Using Kerpoof "Make a Picture" Activity: Students will go to and follow the instructions below to learn how to use the features of the "Make a Picture" activity.

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Kerpoof Make a Picture Instructions.docx

Special Thanksgiving Lesson 8: Students will complete a Thanksgiving Cyberhunt on the Scholastic website by going to different websites to learn about the history of our Thankgiving holiday. Then they will go to www.brainpop.comand login to watch the movie about Thanksgiving. Following the movie, they will take the 10 question online quiz and then explore the topics in the FYI section which include history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, famous quotations about Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving myths and statistics. Click on the file below for complete instructions for these activities.

Lesson 9: This is a 2 part lesson. In Part 1, students will learn how to use Inspiration 7.5 software to create a Concept Map which is a visual display of ideas and their structure. The teacher will use a Powerpoint presentation with step by step instructions to show students how to use the software. Students will practice steps hands-on as we work through the Powerpoint. For Part 2, students will use Inspiration 7.5 software to create a Main Idea Concept map using information they bring with them from their Language Arts class.

Special Lesson 10 - integrated with P.E. The In-School Prevention of Obesity and Disease (ISPOD) initiative specifically addresses health disparities in NC counties. It is designed as a comprehensive school prevention program to improve physical activity and eating habits in order to reduce obesity and the number of overweight children in grades K-8 through the utilization of specialized curriculum training offered to Physical Educators. As a part of this program, students will follow the link below to complete the ISPOD survey.

ISPOD Survey
1. In drop down menu, choose Mecklenburg County (600).
2. Next select school from drop down list, choose Beverly Woods Elementary (600322).
3. Type in your last name.
4. Choose your grade level from the drop down list.
5. Complete the survey.

Lesson 11: Students will learn how to use Inspiration 7.5 software to create a Concept Map which is a visual display of ideas and their structure. TW use a Powerpoint presentation with step by step instructions to show students how to use the software. SW practice steps hands-on as we work through the Powerpoint. Students will use Inspiration 7.5 software to create a Main Idea Concept map using information they bring with them from their Language Arts class.

Lesson 12: Students will complete the following goal setting activity: Students will be setting technology goals for the 2nd half of the school year and also expressing technology topics they would be interested in learning about. Students will open a blank Word document and type at least 3 goals, list 3 things they will do to work toward those goals and list 3 or more things they would like to learn in technology. When finished they will save their document to look at later in the year and print a copy for the teacher.

Lesson 13: Integrated Lesson for 4th Grade Technology/Science: THis lesson will be done in 3 parts and will take 3-4 lessons to complete:
Part 1: Students will be introduced to the tools and features of Microsoft Paint and will be allowed to experiment/practice using those tools.
Part 2: Students will bring their classroom science notes on the electrical circuits to technology and begin creating a picture of an electrical circuit using Microsoft Paint.
Part 3: Students will be introduced to Powerpoint and create a 3 slide presentation. The first slide will be a title slide with the title and their name. The second slide will be a written explanation of an electrical circuit and its parts. And in the final slide we will copy/paste the electrical circuit picture they made in Paint. Then they will learn how to animate that Powerpoint slide to make their Microsoft Paint picture into an animated electrical circuit slide in Powerpoint.

Lesson 14: Integrated Black History Biography Project - Classroom Social Studies project integrated with all Special Area classes. In Technology students will research their subject, find/print pictures for their poster, type information for their poster and create/print a timeline of their subject's life/accomplishments.

Lesson 15: Arctic Animal Powerpoint Project - Students have chosen an arctic animal to research in tech, in class and at home. Now they will take the research they have gathered and turn it into a 9 slide PowerPoint presentation with text, pictures and graphics.

Lesson 16: Olympic Scavenger Hunt - Students will go to BrainPOP and find the movie about the Olympics. They will click on the file below and follow the directions given on how to use the BrainPOP information to complete a scavenger hunt about the Olympic games.