CMS Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policies

The Internet opens up a world of information to our students bringing resources directly to their fingertips like never before. It is quickly becoming an integral tool for teaching as well as communication, research, and recreation. Internet safety involves ensuring that people, specifically children and youth, have the information needed to develop safe and secure habits while online.

The following resources are dedicated to Internet Safety and will help provide resources for teachers, parents, students on this topic. These resources are borrowed from the website of the Public Schools of Robeson County.

Educate your kids on Internet Safety.

Learn about Copyright.

|Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Credible Sources Count! - An Interactive Tutorial

Research it Right! - An Interactive Tutorial

Searching With Success! - An Interactive Tutorial

You Quote It, You Note It! - An Interactive Tutorial

Dr. Cite Right - An Animated Presentation

Click here to access the Beverly Woods Internet Resources Wiki for more Internet Safety Information and Resources!