Technology Objectives for Kindergarten:
  • Students will learn how to log on/off independently
  • Students will learn how to use the mouse proficiently
  • Students will learn how to click and drag
  • Students will learn different basic parts of the computer
  • Students will recognize and find Enter, Space Bar, Backspace and letters on the keyboard
  • Students will accurately find and choose assigned Programs
  • Students will use the computer to reinforce reading and math skills

To Access Resources: (Click the picture to go to the website)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Tech Lab Rules/Regulations and Basic Parts of the Computer
Resources: Smartboard files Technology - Internet Safety - Acceptable Use & Technology - Parts of the Computer
Discovery Education Video "Magic School Bus Gets Programmed"

Lesson 2: Mouse Practice
Computer Mouse Song
computer_mouse[1].JPG external image squrirel.jpg
Bees and Honey Game Tidy the Classroom Activity
Bees_and_Honey[1].JPG Tidy_the_Classroom[1].JPG

Lesson 3: Students will learn how to use the tools in Microsoft Paint. After practicing with the tools, students will create a self-portrait in Paint and print it in color.

Special Lesson 4 for Stand Up to Bullies Week: Students will be taking a short online survey on bulllying, see link "Stand Up to Bullies Week". Then they will be watching a short video from Discovery Education called "Balltown: Bullying & Teasing: Part 1 & 2. Finally they will use the SmartBoard to complete an interactive game called "Bully Roundup" where they will attempt to answer questions about bullying and will move around the board based on their correct responses.

Lesson 5: Students will be introduced to Raz Kids. They will practice going to the Internet, then to Raz Kids and saving websites into their favorites to locate easily in the future. Students will practice logging into Raz Kids with their classroom login, then locating their names in the class list and finding their personal book list assigned by their classroom teacher. Students will then practice listening to and reading books from their list.

Special Lesson 6 for Inclusion Week: Students will learn how to navigate the Internet to reach the BrainPOP website. They will learn how to login and recognize the many features available with each movie offered on the BrainPOP website. We will view a BrainPOP movie about Helen Keller and discuss how she overcame the challenges in her life to become an activist for rights of women and people with disabilities. We will explore "Belly Up" and "Pop a Joke". We will then practice sequencing the events of Helen Keller's life. We will work together to complete the online quiz activities for this movie. If time allows, students will return to their seats and use the "Draw About It" feature to create a poster about Helen Keller.
BrainPOP Jr.

Lesson 7: Students will login, go to the Internet, then to and save this website to their favorites. Then they will be introduced to the "Spell A Picture" activity where they will create a picture. They will first choose a background for their picture. Then they can add objects to their picture by spelling the objects correctly.

Special Thanksgiving Lesson 8: Students will learn about the history of Thanksgiving on They will watch movie about Thanksgiving and then complete activities with what they have learned. After finishing the BrainPOP Jr. activities, students will assemble a Thanksgiving puzzle on the SMART Board by moving the puzzle pieces into the correct position. The puzzle can be found at .

Lesson 9: Students will begin a 3 part series of lessons about Gingerbread Men. We will begin the first lesson by gathering at the SMART Board and going to Jan Brett's website to watch a video where she shows how she draws her gingerbread men in her stories, makes gingerbread cookies with a group of children and then reads aloud her book The Gingerbread Baby: Students will then go back to their computers, log in and go to a website which they can make a Gingerbread boy or girl online activity: For the next lesson students will log in and go to BWE Technology Website and click on the link to the SMART Board file for this lesson. There I have prepared a dot to dot gingerbread man for them to complete. After that they will go to another website where they will make a Gingerbread house online activity: For the final lesson students will be following step by step instructions to create a gingerbread boy/girl in Microsoft Paint. Instructions will be read aloud by the teacher, and are found on the same SMART Board file as the gingerbread dot to dot activity. Additional links for Gingerbread songs and videos from YouTube: The Gingerbread Manread by John Krazinski ; "The Gingerbread Man Song" ; and "Five Little Gingerbread Men"

Lesson 10: Students will login, go to the Internet, then to They will be introduced to the "Make a Picture" activity where they will choose a winter background for their picture and create a winter scene using objects appropriate for cold weather.

Lesson 11: The class will be split in half. Students whose computers are on the left side of the room will log on, go to the Internet, go to Kerpoof and choose to work on either Spell A Picture or Make a Picture. The other half of the class will come to the SMART Board with the teacher and work together to complete some interactive letter and sound recognition activities. The sites they will be using will include: Alphabet Match - Paw Park; Beginning Phonics; Goldfish Letter Match and The Nine Squares Game . After 20 minutes, students on the computers will switch with those on the SMART Board and do the other activity for the second half of class.

Lesson 12: Winter Project Students will be listening to stories, watching videos and doing interactive online activities about the topic of Winter. From these activities they will brainstorm a list of winter words which they will later use in creating an accrostic poem about Winter. They will learn how to type this poem in Microsoft Word on a snowman watermarked document. They will learn how to save a document for future use and open it at a later time. They will also learn how to print a document. We will use BrainPOP Jr. in the first lesson and the following resources in the second lesson for background information for our project: Youtube videos: "When Winter Comes" , The Snowflake Song Then we will go to and play "10 LIttle Snowmen" and Snowman Math at .

Lesson 13:Interactive Map Activities: Week 1: Students will watch the Discovey Education Video "Lollipop Dragon's World of Maps and Globes: Discovering Maps and Globes" .
BrainPOPJR, we will watch movies "Reading Maps" and "Countries and Continents", and do the interactive activities that go with both. If time allows, we will work together on an interactive map of the United States, placing the states in the correct positions and learning some information about each state at this link:

Week 2: Students will watch 2nd video in Lollipop Map Series "Lollipop Dragon's World of Maps and Globes: Learning about Directions". Next, students will logon to their individual computers, go to and choose the "Spell a Picture" activity and click on the background that looks like a classroom. They will be given cards with pictures of items you would find in a classroom. They will try to spell the words on their own or use the help on the back of the card to spell the items. They will arrange the items as closely as possible to make a map of their own classroom.

Week 3: Students will watch 3rd video in Lollipop Map Series "Lollipop Dragon's World of Maps and Globes: Using Different Maps".
Next we will use a SMART Notebook file to explore the meanings and uses of many different directional words taken from the book Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins. Next, we will use another SMART Notebook file to make a map of the events that occurred in the story.

Week 4: Students will watch 4th video in Lollipop Map Series "Lollipop Dragon's World of Maps and Globes: Making Your Own Map."
Students will watch a video of the book Me on the Map If time allows, students will return to their computers and begin to make a map of their bedrooms with themselves in it in Microsoft Paint.

Interactive Map of North Carolina

Lesson 14: Students will begin a series of lessons using the book Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie. In the first lesson, we will read the book together and view a few short videos from the Toot and Puddle show about their travels around the world. Next, using the SMART Board file below, we will view a map of the world and place Toot and Puddle on the map in the various locations they traveled such as Africa, Spain, etc. Next we will use that same file, choose the places that Toot traveled and choose pieces of clothing and other items to fill our suitcase that are appropriate for the various locations. In the next lesson, SW go to the National Geographic website to the Toot and Puddle game section and play the game "Tour the World" where they will click on various locations and learn about things that those locations are known for, In the final lesson, students will use a postcard template and fill in the information to send a postcard to their families.


Lesson 15: Students will practice their mouse skills, sorting, identifying shapes, and memory skills by clicking and playing any of the games below from the Peep and the Big Wide World website. Click on a picture below to choose a game.

Flower Power; Fish Swish; Chirp Shapes Up; Hide and Peep
Hop to It! House Hunt; Trash Stash; Memory Lane